18 arhats like specific what?

by:Real Fine     2020-08-20
18 arhats everybody certainly many people have heard of, but what about eighteen arhats, believe that few people know, just take a look at below 18 arhats like specific what? Big disciple: guest head Lou honour person, born brahman nobility, the original is detained 'city in the king's minister. Likes to show off in front of other people skill, then into a long long eyebrow lohan, who lives in west QuTuo chau, image is on tap, bulging eyes closed. Disciple: caleb's antecedents honour person, he is' all know good and evil law of its tone 'disciple, wet ye, they lived in gaza, hands folded, smiling broadly. Three disciple: novartis azzah colophon li idler honour person, live in dongsheng body state, meditation, white hair and beard. Four disciples: Su Pin tuo honour person, live in the north Lu Zhou, hands on right neck, his teeth in pain. Five disciple: giant's honour person, living in the south Shan state, one hand slightly, be nice. Disciple: colophon sudra honour person, is the waiter Buddha, head to wash shu, therefore some temple temple for his like, didn't Luo Zhou lived in so long. Calm, reading hands and sit down. Seven disciple: Richard azzah, venerable Sir, lived in the monk tea chau, smile, hand painting. Eight disciples: frodo, honour person, live in port state. Reading hands and sit, natural and graceful form. Nine disciple: our Po and honour person, live in the sweet drunk in the mountains, hand and sit down. Ten disciples: half and honour person, also called tuo, Chinese means' the road life, originally is the ocean's private life. Squat down a foot, kindly. The eleven disciples: rahula honour person, which is also called Tie,, is the Buddha's birth son, live in bille MAO QuZhou. Naked ear out. Twelve disciples: the naga sharp honour person, live in half a degree wide wave mountain, thick must close hu, reading hands and sit down. Thirteen disciples: jie tuo honour person, live in the mountains of wide side. Squat down right foot, dust. Fourteen disciple: cut the woman's honour person, live in can live in the mountains, stare eye teeth, holding one content. Fifteen disciples: o generation more honour person, live in JiuFengShan XiaoKou long eyebrows, ganoderma lucidum to grip. 16 disciple: note of tea and a half and honour person, is ten disciples' big road baby brother, namely 'born small roadside, was also a bastard, but he brother smart and stupid. The belly has a little monk. Ocean's 17 and 18 arhats statue from the point of view, respectively, dragon and alter, the two heroes, in ancient China, but the auspicious dragon and alter the specific person has been controversial, some say it's bag and xuan zang, but the qing emperor qianlong specific set them to kasyapa and maitreya. The modelling of 18 arhats and face are different, their legends and that is very much also. Since Buddhism was divided into many tribe in theravada Buddhism, anyone who believes in theravada Buddhism in theravada Buddhism doctrine to reach the highest realm of practice, is called 'o fructus momordicae, referred to as the ocean's.
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