A few characteristics of resin handicraft to attract people

by:Real Fine     2020-10-05
Resin handicraft as one of the popular arts and crafts in recent years, its main USES resin as raw material, through the paint on the surface of the coating or metallized coating, made crafts. So, resin handicraft? It is superior to other materials market characteristics embodied in where? How about resin handicraft - - - - - - - Low light cost much more than traditional art made of precious metals and precious metals silver or copper current products, or mixed metal products. The capital cost is quite high. The resin handicraft USES relative to the metal and wooden crafts, resin material price is low. Thus resin handicraft in low cost has the absolute advantage, is the arts and crafts of ordinary people to afford. How about resin handicraft - - - - - - - Simulation is high, because of the high density of resin has a soft and flexible, physical characteristics, and indicates that the elastic effect is good. So from the perspective of the simulation study on the resin handicraft simulation effect is very good, especially in shaping the character sculpture, resin handicraft is not only accord with human body skin texture, and the plasticity is much better than wooden materials. So the resin handicraft is the material that simulation is very high. How about resin handicraft - - Corrosion resistant effect of the traditional rubber and plastic products from the physical and chemical perspective, because the physical and chemical properties is not stable, very hard the acid and alkali, so it is easy to acid and alkali corrosion. And physical and chemical structure more stable, resin handicraft can resistance to acid and alkali, making handicraft can save in a poor environment, and to save time is quite long, is three to four times more common plastic and silicone products. How about resin handicraft - - Because it is easier to shape resin can in high temperature melting, and shape in the mould. Largely to fill a lot of material because of shortcomings in the too too rigid and shaping. Therefore, the resin handicraft can on top of all kinds of process model, and low price are favored by the consumers. Can say it is cheap and fine shape material.
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