About 20km from Amsterdam is the typical Dutch

by:Real Fine     2020-07-06
On a summer day in 1925 Pouw de Boer, founder of Photo De Boer, saw some Americans and inhabitants of Volendam having a lot of fun changing clothes with each other. Pouw saw a business opportunity and turned his bakery into a photo studio. Tourist could have taken a photo by Pouw in the traditional costume. This turned out to be a major success. The bakery moved over and the family De Boer focused on tourism completely. They build up a range of souvenirs and professionalized the photo studio. Volendam changed throughout the years. The folkloric costumes steady disappeared out of the street scene. A lucky coincidence for the family, because the request for photos increased as the costumes became more and more exclusive. Celebrities had their photo taken and tourist came from all over the world due to an increasing prosperity. In a tumultuous century this cozy shop continued to be the preferred address for making a photo in the folkloric costume. Pouw handed over the business to his son Jaap, who handed it over to his children, Cornelis and Paulien de Boer. An authentic shop prepared with the most modern equipment and techniques where you are more than welcome every day to have an extraordinary photo experience. If I can lend any advice to you as you think about or plan this once in a life time event please feel free to email me. michael@AffordableCruisesTours.com
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