About the ceramic arts and crafts

by:Real Fine     2020-09-03
Ceramic arts and crafts from the 90 s has insisted on a steady state, also, in the domestic arts and crafts BaiHuaCong stand out in a crowd. His book content is drawn ancient Chinese legend, the scenery, the character and story, pay attention to attract a lot of collectors. Especially the annatto raw materials of ceramic is more high-end position, popular. Ceramic crafts become numerous collectors will choose items. If you need as a collection of words, in addition to pay attention to distinguish authenticity, knowledge of several standard. To attach importance to preservation of market demand is big, the bullish ceramic arts and crafts. The '*' high potential goods prices. Because market demand is increasing, ceramic arts and crafts made of precious wood on the must have fixed number of year, the price has reached millions of yuan, even tens of millions of yuan. Ceramic arts and crafts is precious, not only lies in its embryo glaze as snow like silver, but lies in its exquisite scratching, hand-cut and printing of grain. It attaches great importance to the elegant like that, and seeking beautiful modelling, the unique artistic charm in the Oriental aesthetic display as they blow out. Yuan dynasty and qing dynasty ceramic crafts, also all is famous for its delicate, although in folk have must reserve, but the price also is expensive. Scarcity value. If your porcelain of song dynasty, because of the rare and precious, especially the royal porcelain. Calculated according to the relevant material, since the late northern song dynasty is the total number of royal porcelain handed down from ancient times does not surpass hundred, collection and separation in the Palace Museum in Beijing, Shanghai museum and the national museum and a small amount of preservation at hand, so there are 'is better than riches, longitudinal your porcelain a'. Pure manual annatto ceramic crafts, each contains the wisdom and sweat to engineer, is a unique work of art.
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