About the Chinese arts and crafts

by:Real Fine     2020-09-11
One, artisans: file, curium, tables, trim the pen in the old street, deep 'Cha, Cha, Cha' 'jing street all the way, a loud Shouting' w grinding scissors, David tang, kitchen. 'can be busy bad housewives, find dull knives, scissors, rust following the sound. 'curium', is the place where such as porcelain, ceramic rupture curium together. Once when, with a pen is a kind of fashion and status symbol, but also a knowledge, use and repair together. In this day and age, bad we always want to change, rather than repaired. Interpersonal relationship especially. Second, articles for daily use articles, pottery and porcelain, cloisonne and jade carving, embroidery, tiger-head shoes is embroidery needle and thread on the fabric of needlework the floorboard of all sorts of adornment design, at least three thousand years ago. And ceramic crafts, silk is one of the famous overseas Chinese three specialty, 'silk road' is the world famous one in the history of politics, economy, culture communication channel. Today, countries' One Belt And One Road 'strategy, which is produced with silk embroidery artistry of silk products are bound to bear the brunt, become a new era of Chinese traditional arts and crafts. And to focus on carving craftsmen, a knife, a knife is his mind for projects. Tiger-head shoes, but also contains the elders to the baby blessings and love. Three, snacks: blow sugar-coated figurine, popcorn, dough figurine, Fried sanzi the alleys of the old man, remember that the ends of a pole which threaten sugar person, ran out of the children with the change, one happy and look forward to to the old man said the oneself to like small animals. Melt into 100 & deg; C high maltose, after blowing sugar artist hand and mouth, colorful sugar into a masterpiece of small animals. The child took it and cheers. The moment always scared and popcorn, explosion far away. Pinched and lifelike vamps, crispy sanzi & hellip; … With more than five thousand years history of ancient civilizations, China arts and crafts is various, and each is brilliant. For the Chinese traditional handicraft, every one is the treasure of Chinese culture, each worth inheriting and protecting. The article is too short and too long history, good things really a lot. They are waiting for you to find them beautiful.
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