About the definition of tourist souvenirs

by:Real Fine     2020-08-28
About the definition of tourist souvenirs, in different ways to define different, can be roughly divided into the following situation: one, from the perspective of the connotation of tourist souvenirs itself from connotation, tourist souvenirs is refers to the purchase of a tourist destination in tourism local flavor, memorable travel goods. Tourist souvenirs with characteristics different from general commodity, it can reflect the features of tourist sites, is unique to the destination, in the tourism market has exclusive souvenirs, artistic value and collection value, gift value and basic value. Second, from the meaning from significance analysis of souvenirs to tourists, tourism souvenirs refers to tourists to commemorate, gift and collection of tourist commodities. Three, from a functional analysis from the perspective of the function of the tourist souvenirs, define it as memories can make people somewhere, something, some travel or experiences, or for a particular tourism destination have memorable physical commodity. Based on this, tourism souvenirs should represent an area or the cultural character of tourist attractions, even become a symbol. Therefore, it has generally have little or the goods don't have culture, memorial, uniqueness, gifts, art, fashion and other characteristics or properties. Tourist souvenirs occupies very important position in the tourism shopping, tourism is an important source of income. In the tourism developed countries or regions, tourism souvenirs of accounted for more than 30% of the total, as high as 50%.
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