About the resin handicraft home furnishing articles

by:Real Fine     2020-08-21
In the highly developed material life, spiritual life, more cultured s life pattern of experiential marketing and whole furniture make jewelry from a walk-on role becomes very important in a supporting role, can even talk about is the no. 2 on the protagonist. With the growth of home decoration industry, the market potential is infinite, has brought vitality to resin handicraft. Resin handicraft is resin as the main raw material, through the die casting, made from a variety of aesthetically pleasing image elder brother lifelike characters, animals, birds, landscapes, etc. , and can be made into all kinds of simulation results. Such as: imitation bronze, imitation gold, imitation silver, imitation quartz, imitation agate, imitation marble, imitation marble, imitation mahogany, etc. And brittle ceramic than resin, heavier than resin, resin plasticity is good, the resin can do all sorts of strange shape, ceramics are hard and brittle. Combined with spray paint, electroplating, etc effect is comparable with metal, at the same time also look fashionable and generous. Resin handicraft refers to both practical and artistic items ( Such as sporadic decorations) On raw materials, manual labor to make products in accordance with the proportion according to the proportion of resin brands, including resin. Small resin handicraft raw materials is commonly: fixed archaize of resin, powder, or any other raw materials, marble products, such as imitation brand, marble powder available resin. Large resin handicraft raw materials is commonly: resin, powder, color paste, hollow can fill resin waste, major general resin waste filling resin products. Household act the role ofing is tasted very popular, and to promote the quality of life of citizens not only have close relations, has also been decorate a design in recent years, advocated by 'light is repaired, heavy adornment'. Decorate in the family a lot of friends when reversing the previous traditional ideas, not too complicated to decorate, but pay more attention to later period of soft decoration, including decoration, cloth art, lighting, indoor colour collocation and so on, can not only reveal personality, and can easily change to increase household 'taste'.
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