Alcala del Jucar is located in the Castile-La Mancha area

by:Real Fine     2020-06-19
City of amazing landscape Alcala del Jucar is placed on the river Jucar. It is surrounded with rocky landscape and pine forests. Alcala del Jucar is situated on the peninsula made by the river. There is an Arabic fortress on the highest hill of this city .You can see the whole city from this place and the view is astonishing. Landscape is full of wheat fields, which used to be the main source of income for the inhabitants of the city. Furthermore, in the city of Alcala del Jucar, you can find olive trees everywhere, so you will get the impression that you are at the seaside. Tourist attractions Once you come to Alcala del Jucar, nothing will ever seem strange to you... even houses in Alcala are non-typical. On the southern slope you can find weird houses. Actually they are not even houses in the real sense of the word, because they consist of the front door and the cave behind the door. There are three cave houses open for public- 'Diablo', 'Masago' and 'Garaden'. San Andres is an ancient church. It is not known when exactly the church was built. It is assumed that this occurred between the sixteenth and the eighteenth century. It is located right next to the Arabic fortress. Alcala del Jucar is not just another tourist attraction... It is a place with a bright future. This rural place, where most of the people are engaged in agriculture and livestock, has developed into a significant tourist destination over the years. Today, Alcala del Jucar is a place that offers quality accommodation, good restaurants, great entertainment, many opportunities for sports and lots of souvenirs. Just 12 years ago, this oasis was unknown to the wider public and tourists. Today, more and more people come to this city in order to enjoy the magnificent landscapes, Arabic fortresses, historical monuments and authentic area of Alcala.
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