Anaglyph resin handicraft spray uv light oil process and matters needing attention

by:Real Fine     2020-08-15
The main steps surface grinding & rarr; Remove the oil, etc. ( Available in addition to oil, anhydrous alcohol) → Spray UV light oil & rarr; Infrared flow flat ( About 5 minutes) → The lamp UV curing ( About 15 cm high, when the uv light irradiation, usable hand is not glue the hand can touch the surface, not baking time is too long) → Receiving the normal use of packaging, UV light oil temperature is 50 - 55 ℃, low temperature in winter when using need constant temperature waters for UV light oil heating cycle, make it meet the design using viscosity, viscosity that is conducive to UV light oil flow and fast curing. Second, the surface with grinding coarse, or use the 400 mesh water sand paper burnish. Third, clean surface, in addition to oil oil removal. ( With dedicated in addition to the cloth with a little before treating agent is wiped, it not only in addition to oil, wax removal, and anti-static function) Four, spray on the new UV light oil, normally two spray guns. ( Will as far as possible when spraying fog up a bit, about 20 cm distance, speed, try to hurry up) Five, flow ping, hot weather can place 5 - natural About 10 minutes flow flat, please infrared flow flat light in winter heating film 3 - to 50 to 60 degrees 5 minutes flow flat. Six, with more than 1 kw UV curing machine ( Curing light) Rapid solidification. Seven, there are a few flaws, can polishing wax. Note: 1, UV paint coating amount must be moderate, not too thick, otherwise due to the reaction force of the UV paint itself, can make the paint layer cracking; 2, levelling and UV curing time must grasp well; 3, sanding link is very important, must be careful sanding, otherwise it may affect the adhesion between substrate and coating. 4, spraying, uv light oil, must be between the pump and spray gun with compressed air purifier, to remove water from compressed air, oil and other impurities.
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