Ancient India silver handicrafts

by:Real Fine     2020-08-31
Silver handicrafts in silver as raw materials, according to the requirements of the design, interactive use wire filling, tired, carbon wire, wear silk, silk thread rolling process, and the silver strip is embossed with a design cut out of dot, line, face. Silver thin and only half of a human hair, the most coarse but also 3 mm. Silver personnel of the production process with these fine like a silver hair, describe the ever-changing scenery. Silver handicrafts produced when smoke silver silk, using various techniques, no embryos can be formed. Finished product vivid and exquisite, modelling is dramatic. Silver and silver piece using plain fill, tired, Mosaic, burning process techniques, such as blue, anaglyph, has a wealth of hierarchy and contrast, loved by the player. During the warring states period unearthed in the arts and crafts in China, you can see that the system of silver has reached quite high level. Silver handicraft generally adopts high purity silver as the material, which is produced by the manual carefully. A rigorous, chic modelling, the actual situation and structure, characteristic of gorgeous, beautiful and easy. Located in the south Indian city of orissa known as' little golden triangle ', it's rich in minerals, traffic inconvenience. Have been isolated during the rainy season, a lot of place. Kotak region of orissa city is famous for its exquisite craft, especially filigree applique crafts. Craftsmen make silver wire bending welded together, into beautiful handicrafts, they use a high purity of silver. Exquisite craft design and superb adept skills attracted numerous fans all over the world. These handicrafts full of mystery, nationality and modernity. In Indian culture, the eagle symbol of success and invincible, is revered as the royal elephant or temple mount; It is said that in ancient times, the Indian soldiers fighting once rode on an elephant. The story because, like god, indians believe that the elephant head symbol of wisdom. In Chinese culture, 'like' and 'auspicious, so take the auspicious meaning, at the same time also has a thriving business, the reason is the elephant's nose can absorbing water, combine to the type of outside in.
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