Any suppliers selling polyresin items at ex-works price?
FUJIAN REAL FINE LIGHT INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. provides many types of pricing; EXW is included. If you choose an ex-works price, you have to arrange transportation all the way out of our warehouse to the final destination. And you are responsible for export process.

Real Fine now makes great achievements in angel figurines supplying industry. polyresin figurines produced by REAL FINE LIGHT INDUSTRY is very popular in the market. Featured with high performance, Nativity Figurine has a high practical value. It can withstand harsh conditions such as extreme temperature. REAL FINE LIGHT INDUSTRY has established relatively complete quality management system for Home decor figurine. It is delicate and detailed enough for decoration.

Real Fine Decor Handicrafts serves customers, understands your needs and try our best to satisfy your requirements. Call!
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