Arts and crafts - Description and classification of resin handicraft

by:Real Fine     2020-09-25
With modern life demand is increasing in arts and crafts, resin handicraft of the city. Field potential will continue to expand, resin handicraft is very wide, the prospect of the market to produce. Constantly improve the product quality requirements. Consumers' interests and hobbies is in constant change. So simple decoration function cannot meet the demand of the market, to increase the service life of resin handicraft and appeal, the designer of resin handicraft design resources and product development and research will be increasingly deepened, the resin is integrated with a variety of functions, in order to increase consumers' purchase intention of the product. 1 a, resin arts and crafts. Introduction resin handicraft is resin as the main raw material, through the die casting, made from a variety of aesthetically pleasing image elder brother lifelike characters, animals, birds, landscapes, etc. , and can be made into all kinds of simulation results. 1. 2 classification of coloured drawing or pattern resin handicraft, resin handicraft do old resin crafts, three-dimensional picture, imitation bronze resin handicrafts, imitation silver resin handicrafts, imitation gold-plated gold resin handicraft, resin handicraft, resin handicraft, imitated crystal resin handicrafts, imitation glass resin handicrafts, imitation agate resin handicrafts, imitation marble resin crafts, resin imitation jadeite jade handicraft, resin handicraft imitation ivory, imitation marble resin handicrafts, imitation ceramic resin handicraft, imitation mahogany resin handicrafts, imitation wood resin handicraft and so on. Second, the variation of resin handicraft design designers put the human emotion and understanding of objective things merge into modelling, extract the abstract form. This abstract form of change is lovely, interesting, or familiar, and will to the needs of target customers, and interests as the starting point, take things without life that give people's emotions, thoughts and actions, which is commonly used in the design of resin handicraft variant design. In production, raw materials for resin is liquid, so has the very good liquidity, is the only - on the market today A kind of material can produce products of high strength of carve patterns or designs on woodwork, and it is all made by hand, without the expensive production equipment. Eventually the deformation greatly enhance the proportion of contrast, skilful use of not only has no feeling of discomfort, abnormal. Instead, enhances the design effect, form ingenious novel modelling.
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