Asian countries were untouched by traveler years ago

by:Real Fine     2020-06-15
With a population of as much as 2 million, and extending its area up to 245 square kilometer, this youthful and vibrant place is the capital of the beautiful Malaysia. Clean water, blue sea, and white sand, natural sea life fearlessly playing around in the water, a visit to any of the beaches is a relaxing experience. With a good population of Chinese and Indian inhabitants along with the Malays, we see the influence of all the cultures and traditions here. There are a number of Indian temples, and mosques, Chinese temples and the museums, architectural wonders, zoos, aquarium etc for people to visit and see. One of the most enjoyed tourist place in Kuala Lumpur are the Golden triangle, China town and other Chinese shopping corners. These places are loaded with all items you can probably never even think of. Anything you wish to shop under the sky could be available there. To can purchase souvenirs, gift and tokens for your boss, or family and friends. Unlike other tourist places, these are easy on pocket. So if you are a 'shopaholic' it may not pinch your pocket. Another interesting and welcoming part of the Kuala Lumpur visit is the hospitality. Stay at any Kuala Lumpur hotel, you will experience warmth and hospitable service. The services are cheap in comparison with other places too. You can find a wide range of Kuala Lumpur hotel according to your budget. From a cheap Kuala Lumpur hotel, you can also opt for a high end 5 star place. Spa, swimming poor, recreating, massage, and ever other luxury is a just an order away. Even if you choose for a cheap Kuala Lumpur hotel, you may not be disappointed. When one thinks of a cheap hotel, the imagination is a dingy place, unhealthy area, poor service, and far away location from the city too. Well, you may be taken a back, and for a surprise, since every cheap hotel here has a decent service. It is only the difference in currency and its value that makes the hotel seem cheap. You can find a good accommodation anywhere you wish to, as there are a number of hotels in every part of the city. Besides, the city having a good transport service, every place is connected easily, and commuting is easy. Some of the most traveled tourist spots in Kueala Lumpur are the petronas Twin Tower, which is one of the famous landmarks of the city, Petaling Street, Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur Tower, and the Masjid Negara which is the national mosque, Putra World Trade Centre, the commercial den of Golden Triangle and many more. The climate in Malaysia is warm and never extreme. It almost remains constant. Which ever season you wish to visit, make sure you make your accommodations way in advance, since this is one of the most chosen tourist location. Studied to be the one of the 5 top visited places in the world, one surely has to make a reservation in any Kuala Lumpur hotel in advance. You can do so easily online. Since you have wide range of choice, you can easily find a place that suits your budget and criteria too.
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