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Dining The people of Lombok tend to eat dinner quite late in the evening and many of the leading restaurants here stay open until midnight or even later. The largest selection of restaurants can be found in the popular tourist destination of Senggigi, and visitors will find just about every dish imaginable available here, ranging from delicious local dishes to pizza, steak, banana pancakes and baguettes. Freshly caught seafood is beach sampled in the restaurants that line the island's beaches, and a large number of restaurants remain open until late at night, ideal for those who get the midnight munchies. Shopping Those with a keen eye for a bargain will be sure to pick up plenty of great deals in Lombok as the island's shops and markets specialise in selling locally produced handicrafts at extremely reasonable rates. The main crafts produced on Lombok are pottery, basket weaving and textiles, all of which make excellent souvenirs as well as gifts to take back home to friends and family. While bartering is all part of the fun of shopping in Lombok, visitors should remember to keep negotiations light and friendly. Traditional Massage Those who feel in need of a little pampering can indulge themselves with a traditional massage. A prominent part of Indonesian culture, spa and wellness therapies are used by a large number of people in the day to day life. Intended to heal the body and increase blood circulation, most people find massages extremely relaxing and often choose to indulge either before a big night out or the next day after dancing the night away. Senggigi Featuring one of Lombok's most popular beaches, Senggigi is perhaps the most vibrant of Lombok's many districts. A large number of Lombok resorts line Senggigi Beach and those looking for evening entertainment will find that these venues offer a wide range of options. While the biggest bars and clubs don't really get going until midnight, visitors can bide their time until them with dining in one of the districts excellent restaurants and shopping for souvenirs in Senggigi's bustling markets. Mataram The largest city in Lombok, many visitors to the island choose to base themselves in Mataram. This impressive city features a number of interesting nightlife zones and one of the most popular is known as Ampenan. Situated on the harbour, many of the bars and restaurants here offer pretty views, while the area of Jalan Pejanggik is graced with a large number of cheap and cheerful street stalls as well as shops and colourful bars and pubs. Puppet Shows Called Wayang Kulit by the people of Indonesia, puppet shows have been an important form of entertainment in this part of the world for many centuries. Legends and historical tales as relayed by shadows cast on a screen by traditional leather puppets and watching a traditional puppet performance in Lombok is an unforgettable experience.
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