Back-to-school graduation gift

by:Real Fine     2020-08-04
Time flies, the twinkling of an eye the period of school graduation season, again, a decade cold window class, each rush thing coming but have to, start a new learning or to work, all say students feeling better than love, together after some years you remember when the immature her ( He) ? Hourglass of time timer is a very good carrier, the hourglass symbolize love, friendship and happiness. The implication is that we always happy, cherish the love and friendship forever! The time is gone, things change, time passes, memories fade, when there is no missing, memory is entertain wild hope, forget time will only sink to the bottom of my heart. Hourglass of time timer can be very good memory of those who have lost youth, low-cost high-performance craft gift - — The hourglass, is the most ideal choice for back-to-school graduation souvenir, we can laser printing lettering, can screen printing, leaving us the most precious time, see the hourglass scenes ever beautiful memories can emerge in our mind, like a dream, picturesque, I hope you can I have a beautiful home.
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