Best Ways To Save Money

by:Real Fine     2020-06-27
Direct Deposit. The number one thing I do to save money is have the money taken directly out of my check and placed into a savings account. I don't miss the money because I don't see it. I believe this is key to saving money. Best Ways To Raise Kids Video Games Can Be Great In Small Doses. Video games are not the enemy! Video games can be a great way to spend time with your kids. The interactivity is certainly better than watching TV or a movie together. And games with stories and consequences can be springboards for discussion . Best Ways To Maintain Relationships Neutral Complaining. My husband and I both agree that our open communication is a key to keeping our relationship healthy. If something he does is annoying me, I just tell him and he is willing to work on it. He gets the same response from me. It's important to use a neutral tone of voice when stating your complaint. Best Ways To Travel Eat Where The Locals Eat. The best travel secret I've learned is to find out where the locals eat and go there when on a trip. These restaurants are typically way better than those listed in travel guides. These restaurants also provide the cultural experience of living like the natives. Best Ways To Save The Planet Recycle At The Office. After living in Japan for 5 years, I became very used to the idea of recycling. My wife and I do it all the time at home, but now I take cans, bottles, plastic and other metal (can lids, etc) from a recycle box at work, take it home and use the neighborhood program to recycle those things that my co-workers originally were going to throw out. Best Ways To Advance Your Career Join Trade Organizations. I joined an organization back in law school called the barristers of the future. It was organization that helped me get my first real paying job. Joining this club, allowed me to network with a ton of people and opened more doors for me then any academic success I had. The key to getting my job and retaining has been networking starting with the Barrister for life. Best Ways To Cook Measure sticky stuff. To make measuring sticky products (molasses, peanut butter, shortening, etc.) in measuring cups easy, spray the cup first with cooking spray. Less of the product is left behind in the cup, and cleanup is a breeze! Best Ways To Clean You already have a better stain remover. My best cleaning secret is to use dish washing detergent on stains. It is affordable and easy and takes stains out much better than marketed stain removers. Best Ways To Maintain Your Health Walk as much as possible. I try to walk as much as it is possible to keep fit. Whenever I'm not in a hurry I prefer walking to using buses or underground. Walking helps to relax and get rid of headache and bad mood. Best Ways To Get An Education Chemistry Teacher Teaches Formula. Something that served me in benefiting my education was my chemistry teacher. She helped me to feel confident in the subject, and that was then carried out into other subjects. Best Ways To Experience The Divine Tell God Your Hopes And Fears. I believe that there is something greater than us and I connect with God through prayer. Prayer allows me to communicate with God by telling him all of the fears and hopes in my heart. I know he hears prayers, and through prayer I feel connected to him. Best Ways To Accept Mortality Open Up And Share With Loved Ones. when my mother died i closed off and stopped interacting with the world. my family was really worried about me for a while. after alot of self reflection i found that the best way to deal with greif is to poen up and share it with your loved ones, rather than just holding onto it and letting it tear you apart. Best Ways To Celebrate The Holidays Make Commemorative Ornaments. One way I celebrate Christmas is by making and exchanging ornaments with my fiance. Each year we make the other an ornament that commemorates something from our previous year together. We have to totally handcraft the ornament, it cannot be store-bought. We exchange ornaments privately on Christmas morning. Best Ways To Be Romantic Put It On A Post-It. When we were dating, my husband took me on a picnic in the park overlooking the ocean. We were sitting there looking at the waves and out of his bag, he pulled a glass jar full of pastel-colored post-its folded into heart-shapes. He handed me the jar and I started pulling the notes out one by one. They held words like funny, sweet, cute, smart, etc. When I got to the bottom of the jar, the words were love, commitment, forever; the last one said 'wife' and was wrapped around a diamond ring. He proposed right there on the blanket with the waves in the background. It was incredibly romantic. Best Ways To Be Creative Make Creative Gifts. My wife is very good with arts and crafts and we sometimes make creative gifts for children as well as adults. It is a clever way to teach someone else how to be creative. A lot of time the gifts are a hit and the receivers and others want to learn how to make the items. This often inspires a lot of other creative variations of the item. We are just trying to show them it is possible to make inexpensive creative items that are entertaining and fulfilling. Best Ways To Be Beautiful Sleep on a towel Sleep eith a freshly washed towel on your pillow. It prevents blemishes and oil buildup, sometimes better than a product would! Best Ways To Raise Pets Second that emotion. Well, I am very glad that dogs can sense human emotions. When I get sad I cuddle up with my puppy and just let out what is upsetting me. He is a pretty good listener. Best Ways To Grow Plants Give them CO2. Talk to your plants as you water/care for them. You release carbon dioxide, which plants need a lot of! Its like giving them a little boost. Best Ways To Be Happy Digging In The Dirt Makes Me Happy. If it makes me happy! I love to spend time in my garden - diggin' in the dirt, watching the plants grow each day, smelling the flowers, watching the bees, and eating the tomatoes! I love it that my kids enjoy it too. Watching them in the garden gives me the most pleasure of all. Best Ways To Cope With Family Calm down. Walk away. When you're involved in an argument with a sibling, the best thing to do is to calm down and walk away. Thinking alone, will rejuvenate you and make a difficult situation much simpler. Next, return to talk or apologize, and indicate which of the sibling's ideas were agreeable before bringing up a controversial topic. Remember that finding an experienced mediator can stop an argument from getting out of hand. Best Ways To Coach A Team Soccer: Helping Son's Friend. I was a coach for my son's soccer team. His best friend Ryan was also on the team but honestly needed a little extra help. I didn't want to make him feel embarrassed in front of everyone, so I simply had my son invite him over to the house for dinner one night, and we went outside and started kicking the ball around. Over the next 2 weeks, he got better and more enthused and I even had my son say 'Dad, Ryan is happy that you taught him those kicks. Your a great dad and coach' That is just how I felt. Best Ways To Master Computers Garbage In, Garbage Out. There is an old saying: 'Garbage in equals garbage out'. Basically this means that the computer is dependent on the user or the data input. Best Life Lessons The Only Thing That Matters. I have learned that that the only thing that really matters who you are, is that you are true to yourself.When you are life falls into place. Best Ways To Have Fun Wave Jumping. Jumping into the waves at the beach when it is hot and sunny out. I like going to where the waves are just the right height, jumping into them, and then floating back to shore..that is fun for me!
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