Business gifts in the gift of learning

by:Real Fine     2020-09-08
The Chinese always advocate town, gifts is a common social phenomenon. An ideal gift for the donor and the recipient can express some special wishes, convey some kind of special information. Gift giving is also an esoteric knowledge, there are many ways we must do, or we had a happy thing also can bring negative effect. Gift is a special art, has its the established rules, the selection of object of gifts, business gifts, how do you send has certain rules of what time, must not be blind to send. Let's say a gift from five aspects in matters that should pay attention to! One, understand each other's customs and taboos before giving must understand each other's customs, taboos, especially in our country there are so many different nationalities, ethnic customs and habits will be a little different. Gifts should know the identity of the recipient before, hobbies, ethnic customs, must be thoughtful. For example: send a pig to Islam as a decorative pattern in the image of the gift, may let a person out. Second, gift gift is the carrier of emotion, the significance of any gift, says donor of good will, or reward, or ask for, or contact feelings, and so on. In fact, the best gift should be based on each other's interests and hobbies to choose, to choose meaningful, interesting, quality extraordinary gifts. Therefore, should consider when choosing gifts its practicality, artistic quality and interest sex, memorial, such as a variety of factors, makes every effort to try to be unique, do not fall convention. Three, giving the time we will at the right time to get the right gift for the right person, for example, moved into a new office or if you want to change new office colleagues, leaders, to the most appropriate, present in the office of a few adornment such as: a very moral atmosphere, extremely antique telephone, very suitable for similar situations as a gift, the other is the most easy to accept. Four weight proper business gifts, gift should be given too light, easy to misunderstand for not enough attention, if the gift is too light, and want to need to do is difficult, the likelihood of success is almost zero. On the contrary, the gift is too precious, and will accept the gift of people at the risk of bribery, especially the more attention should be paid to superiors and colleagues. To the other party can be happy to accept to scale, therefore, choose weight appropriate gift, we should try to be more with less, spend more money to do good. Five, the gifts should not be frequently gifts to interval is appropriate, giving the time interval is also has exquisite, too often or interval is too long is not appropriate. The giver might be well-off, or ask for help, they often take the door to the bags, some people think that generous, can certainly get people love, actually otherwise. Because your frequency of such gifts product-oriented. In general, to select the important festivals such as the Spring Festival, the Mid-Autumn festival gifts, gifts of does not appear abrupt false, mushroom sorption also feel at ease, the best of both worlds.
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