Central Coast Holidays is what an ideal holiday

by:Real Fine     2020-06-30
The Central Coast has something for everyone. The magnificent golf courses are a great tourist puller and so are the scenic horse riding trails. You can go pelican feeding at the Entrance and Woy Woy while wooing the native animals at the world famous Australian Reptile Park. Of course you just cannot miss the brilliant magic of the American bush. The accommodation available is varied and is designed to suit all lifestyles and budgets. You can live in the lap of luxury at the very best holiday homes and the much preferred Bed And Breakfast accommodation on the New South Wales coast. Central Coast holidays cannot be just complete without staying at the modern caravan parks. The Entrance is one of the most popular places here and tourists continue to pour in here at all times of the year. The surroundings are stuff dreams are made of with the Pacific Ocean on one side and the beautiful Tuggerah Lakes on the other. It is the geographic center of the Central Coast and is the best place to stay to explore the other areas. The two premier beaches, the Entrance and North Entrance offer the best of rock, estuary and beach fishing. There is a dedicated fishing platform to cast a line and fish to your heart's content. Children have a grand playground to play and room for some great picnicking. The Memorial Park is an important part of your Central Coast holidays and offers a load of free attractions. Then there is the Vera's Garden with its famous giant chess board game and the Waterfront Arts and Crafts markets which operate every Saturday. If your taste buds beckon you head to one of the many dining places available at the Entrance and enjoy many types of international cuisines as you watch the local pelican population pass by. The North Entrance Beach is the ideal place for water lovers with the Surf Club just minutes away. You can hire canoes, boats, sail boards and even take sailing lessons. It is a great place to relax, unwind and be one with nature. Central Coast holidays also offers visits to nearby factory outlets and cinemas, markets and shopping centers. Have the time of your life with your family at this world famous holiday destination.
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