Ceramic crafts maintenance of common sense

by:Real Fine     2020-08-29
Ceramic handicraft has a long history, good handicraft can embody the engraver ingenuity and exquisite carving technology. For arts and crafts collection, the collection of your favorite crafts, can edify sentiment, to give yourself busy space into the infinite vitality, at the same time create a rich imagination space to oneself. How to let oneself like eternal youth, sending out the life vigor forever? It is and how to effectively collect maintenance of handicraft have a lot to do. One, not insolate ceramics handicraft shoulds not be long in the hot sun exposure and cracking. Ceramic arts and crafts like people, sun, easy to heat stroke. So at the time of placement, it should be noted that in particular, do not put them in the window. Second, avoid damp environment ceramics handicraft is unfavorable in extremely wet or dry room, very wet environment, the part of chairman MAO ceramic arts and crafts, such as: green wingceltis handicraft will spit out the silver silk. And too dry environment, ceramic crafts, is likely to be part of cracking phenomenon. In addition, the notice also don't blow to the air conditioning tuyere direct ceramic arts and crafts, and don't put him in a heating pipe. Three wall, away from the fire source ceramics handicraft is on fire, fire, fire resistance, near the fire. Four, avoid is used a wet towel to wipe don't use towel to wipe with water, it is best to contain wax or pure cotton towel containing fat. According to the indoor environment in daily life, often with dry cotton cloth or a feather duster will be wiped the dust on the ceramic arts and crafts, to reflect its natural beauty, if it is found that ceramic handicraft gloss is not good, can use the brush to wax polish on the surface of the ceramic arts and crafts, rag wipe with polishing. Of course, also can dip in with pure cotton towel some walnut oil gently rub on the surface of ceramic arts and crafts, also can achieve the ideal effect. Avoid by all means, don't use towel to wipe with water, it will make too wet ceramic arts and crafts.
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