Ceramic crafts selection techniques

by:Real Fine     2020-09-04
Three, seven division of labor, is to give the second life of wood carving process, is the process of the birth of art, fine works of ceramic material is important, process more valuable! So how to select good ceramic works? A, see first, after watching a lot of people when buying ceramic will see first what is the material, is not a rare wood feel worthless. In fact this is normal phenomenon, rare wood species in the ceramic has a high value. But look at the material will ignore the carver, feeling is not rare material or material is bad, just ignore the value of the decor. Now many people pay more and more attention to play ceramic ceramic art creativity and is pure manual sculpture, general master sculptor carved affirmation is to choose the right material. A real art ceramics can be a fair death honors the whole life, people tend to focus on first of all is the carver and creative, second in the concerned about material. Material is a kind of art of the carrier, through this carrier, people want to show a more human art. Second, look at the form, and then see a ceramic works, first to see what, look at what it wants to express. To see whether the proportion of sculpture art ceramics, the design is reasonable, whether to let a person look very comfortable. Also look at work carving detail, especially whether natural smooth lines. Sculpture is exquisite, is in the details of modification and carve doesn't do perfect, can't see a rough place. Ceramic finished form, meaning expressed by the overall look at it, artistic conception? A sentence is said: & quot; Have carved will deliberately & quot; , each piece of ceramic works created has a message you want to express. And see that the moral in line with their own state of mind. Carved artistic conception is true or not, they have the sense of let a person feel after watching the scene or really verve. Choose good ceramic works really is very simple, is good is to clearly at the first sight. The less material is obvious and the production of the precious, carver must pay attention to detail and artistic conception. Now we appreciate the level, is very keen on ceramic collection, in order to collect their favorite ceramic, everybody also please get, watches work, get a perfect ceramic works!
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