Chen xiang crafts maintenance skills

by:Real Fine     2020-09-07
Chen xiang is the first of four big famous perfume is a kind of very valuable collectables - autograph is qualitative, a lot of people like it is attracted by its elegant fragrance. In current collectors, resin sculpture high value of collection is definitely one of the best, especially the arts and crafts of hainan chrysanthemum pear, is absolutely invaluable, but beyond that, there are more precious, that is, agalloch eaglewood wood just because the material of agalloch eaglewood wood itself is not entirely count is wood, but a mixture of oil and wood. Aloes in ancient times was mainly used for incense, aloes wood is used as the beads now hand, handicrafts and so on, the high quality of aloes are describe is hard to find. In annatto, maintain mainly wax or oil, generally in the dry place much more oil to maintain, can nourish the woodiness, prevent weather-shack. While in a wet place, will wax, to prevent excessive expansion deformation caused by moisture. But is usually only on big-ticket items have to be such a need. But the maintenance of aloes, carving crafts, wooden soft because of agalloch eaglewood wood itself, combined with grease formed after aloes, arguably aloes itself abundant oil, do not need other wax or oil to maintenance. Let's take a look at aloes maintenance need to pay attention to some of the problems: 1. Aloes, afraid of washing chemical reagent for aloes which is the most important components of fat, is it the source of sweet smelling and chemical cleaning reagent can wash the grease off, so is the first big taboo aloes contact cleaning reagent; 2. Aloes, easy adsorption other taste, so afraid to mix with other fragrance, aloes charm lies in the fragrance, don't let aloes mixed together with other fragrance, such as men play aloes when drink or smoke, will let the aloes above left the smell of alcohol and tobacco, women use perfume also is same, or at the end of the day is perfume, so I try not to wear when I smell or play with aloes. 3. High quality aloes fragrance is always some, but due to the oxidation or sweat grease residue on the surface of the attachment makes fragrance becomes weak, so suggest that do not often play with aloes, simple wear can smell the fragrance, and not wearing must seal stored in shady and cool place, so I can lock the fragrance.
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