Chinese zodiac furnishing articles

by:Real Fine     2020-09-12
Chinese zodiac are representatives of the twelve earthly branches visualization, namely child ( Rat) And the ugly ( Cows) , Yin ( Tiger) And bases ( Rabbit) , Chen ( Dragon) And the third ( The snake) , lunch ( The horse) , not ( Sheep) , '( Monkey) And unitary ( Chicken) ), ( The dog) , hai ( The pig) , with the development of history gradually integrated into based on folk beliefs, in marriage, life, years, etc. , each zodiac has the rich legend. The twelve zodiac animals is divided into two types of Yin and Yang, be included in the Chinese five elements of the concept of faith, the purpose is to connect the animal sign is associated with life yili, match of Yin and Yang, five elements and the Chinese zodiac, thus explain other relevant cultural phenomenon of life. Chinese zodiac is a common group, also is the independent individual, its meaning is not the same. To talk about the following Chinese zodiac furnishing articles implied meaning: a, rat, mouse is to adapt, strong viability of small animals, cleverness wise, kind and optimistic, symbolize wealth and fortune. Second, the zodiac niuniu, diligent and reliable, work hard, stubborn, from a moral fortune, twist, Cows) Turn things around, filled with bullish, bullish. At this time of buying stocks is a bull market, said said the people involved in the money earned. Third, the zodiac tiger tiger and harmonics, so draw five tiger shall be five blessings, said its implication for longevity, wealth, dignitaries, happiness, and many children. Four, is everyone's favorite animal zodiac rabbit rabbit, gentle beauty. Rabbit is looking yutu ganoderma lucidum, spirit, moral positive, peace. Five, the Chinese zodiac far in Chinese traditional culture is the symbol of power, nobility and honor, is god, the god of animal can hing YunBuYu, interests of all things. The dragon is a sign of luck and success, has a specific meaning: the various parts of the forehead said wisdom; Antlers said state and longevity; Decorative implication ranked top dog; Tiger eye majesty; Talons is bold; The knife-shaped eyebrows symbol valor; Lion nose after symbol precious. Gold fish symbol flexible; The horse tooth symbol of diligence and kindness, etc. Six, zodiac snake snake, also known as' little dragon, has the virtue of the gentleman, on behalf of the mysterious and worship, more longevity, reproduction, the symbol of wealth. The significance of the zodiac, horse horse health all the best, and the significance of rich immediately, immediately sealing hou, horse to successful, immediately peace ( Take a message to meet immediately without paper and pen there safe arrival) , horse pentium. Eight, zodiac goat selflessness, meritocracy. Because of the sheep and 'economic' and 'male', meaning auspicious and three Yang kaitai, charm of trillion. Nine, zodiac monkey monkey is good at learning to imitate, clever, have sealed syndrome ( Monkey) A few meaning; Monkey King sun wukong, but chitose ye, longevity and health. Ten, zodiac because of chicken and chicken 'ji', meaning prosperous; Cui carved golden pheasant, namely moral bright future. The cock crow, the advent of charm. Eleven, zodiac dog is people's most loyal partner, agile work, loyalty, have a lucky dog, riches and honour, and the dog. Our future is expected to be. 12 zodiac pig pig auspicious blessing, bless peace! The pig is a representative of the happiness and joy, on behalf of healthy, happy heart, luckily happiness forever. Chances to use red zhu (from ancient writing The pig) Pen to write, and hooves and harmonics, stripes, jinbang title.
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