Copper handicraft furnishing articles maintenance skills

by:Real Fine     2020-09-07
Copper handicraft furnishing articles mostly handicraft product, it is a difficult technology and an art, mainly by hand, that by hand, raw materials or semi-finished products will be processed. Copper handicraft furnishing articles in addition to the indoor ornament connotation and taste, is also a welcome gift, SMS blessing the perfect gift choice! Maintenance is the copper handicraft furnishing articles, we need to pay attention to, the following copper handicraft furnishing articles just to tell you about some of the maintenance skills: 1. Copper handicraft furnishing articles like dry, little dust, not for a long time in too damp places; 2. Copper handicraft furnishing articles unfavorable contact with acids, grease, chloride chemicals. 3. Copper handicraft furnishing articles should not touch frequently, to avoid being hand sweat; 4. Dust on the copper handicrafts, usable and clean soft cloth to wipe, dirt with a soft brush to clean up; 5. Copper handicrafts placed for long, according to the environment will be more or less some partial color and dark dumb, but silk cotton cloth wipe gently back and forth, can achieve the effect of polishing, radiant again.
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