Creative resin handicraft furnishing articles - The crane

by:Real Fine     2020-08-11
China since ancient times has a phrase such as wild stock or floating clouds, stand out, 'the cranes' seems to represent a high also, in the different characteristics. 'under the waist ten is riding a crane yangzhou' is also a beautiful scene of countless men love letters. Although 'riding crane this behavior is only part of the culture thoughts on imagination, but, for the crane's affection, is the Chinese cultural psychology in the same truth. Although a variety of reasons, at present our country crane has greatly reduced the amount of the history. Chinese doting of zhu arrives on top, long neck, tall, is rare. Cranes in ancient times is' a bird under, all birds, second only to the phoenix 'one bird, the Ming and qing dynasties yipin official robes weave pattern is' cranes'. Crane for sage like type at the same time, for feather, since ancient times referred to as' one bird, ranking the first column of birds. Swallow is the name of the highest rank in ancient, the emperor under military baiguan level is divided into nine, the highest one. Cranes as well as the most noble a bird, the birds represent longevity, riches and honour. Legend has it that it has thousands of years of life. Cranes independence, eagerly, graceful, the color is not yan jiao, elegant and generous. The resin to make crane creative furnishing articles, adopting the structure of the solid geometry. Scrutinize the furnishing articles, head stand, majestically, very vivid, sage like type of posture vividly in this place, let a person can't help feeling furnishing articles design of superb artistry, even the advanced modern technology is difficult to have such a quality of the production.
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