Deer furnishing articles - Why ancient Chinese contact deer so closely

by:Real Fine     2020-08-15
Deer and closely related to Chinese ancient life in ancient People's Daily life and even occupies very important position in the social political activities. 'Pipe' the seventh one thing: the duke eight years, guanzhong asking the duke said: '& lsquo; Governors of, make together with leopard skin, small hou to take deerskin. Together with the horse, small hou to dogs. ’ Huan and promised to. Guanzhong's accomplishment in kingdom, as well as the governors. Deer ' ' 'and' eloth, deer inclusive official meaning, and give the symbol reiki energy and took off, elegance, wealth eloth, rich, etc. , the deer modelling is vivid, copper integrated precision casting, well-made, quality perfect, rare decoration high-quality goods. And we live in today, with the higher quality home decoration, the furniture of all sorts of styles of home decoration crafts began to flooded the markets of the whole household act the role ofing is tasted, resin handicraft processing varieties mainly cartoon, religion, scenery, animals, people, festival, garden water modelling, functional, fountains, simulation and so on several broad categories. What are the value and role of deer furnishing articles resin handicraft? 1, receive a desktop decoration interior decoration surface effect, also is the most fundamental value, which is the fawn creative personality bonsai adornment effect; 2, cultural value and the role of the fawn furnishing articles, it besides can be used to reside decorate our living environment, also can be used as a gift given to friends and relatives, arts and crafts can not be compared with other products, it has its special cultural value, and is especially suitable for to pay attention to life taste.
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