Dubbed as a mystical city, Prague is one of the

by:Real Fine     2020-06-20
You can start looking for flights to Prague in different travel agencies and airline companies before the start of the peak season. This will allow you to book a cheaper flight going the city as compared when you book a flight during holidays where rates are undoubtedly higher. When reaching the city, you can take Prague car hire services to be able to cut down costs on fare as you will be paying one time for the entire period of use of the car when you are in Prague. There are a lot of activities that you can do when you visit Prague. Depending on the months that you visit the city, you will find tourists coming in and experiencing what the city offers. The city of Prague is known for its beer production. In fact, it is considered as a national treasure by the Czechs that is why your entire Prague experience will not be complete if you did not quench in a mug of beer during a night out in the city. Gambrinus is the most popular beer that is mostly enjoyed by both tourists and locals. You will be able to enjoy a glass of beer in different pubs and night clubs surrounding in and around the city. Tourists are also drawn to a 15th century clock with a clock-face that has some mysterious occult codes which you can decode. Every hour, a wooden saint comes out from trap door of the clock where lesson on different medieval morality is re-enacted. If you love history and the arts, you can visit numerous castles and museums around the city. You will be captivated by the historical ambiance that every castle offers along with the gargoyle statues that will leave you having goosebumps.
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