Egyptian city of Luxor is home to wide variety

by:Real Fine     2020-06-22
These two ruined statues are 17 meters high. It is said that these statues were located at the entrance of the Mortuary Temple of Amenhotep III. Both statues are located on huge granite plinths. Other popular monuments in the West Bank area can be found in Kom el-'Abt, The Theban Necropolis, Deir el-Medina Workmen's Village and Sanctuary of Ptah and Meretseger. While enjoying holidays in Luxor, you should not miss out on visiting these monuments in the west bank area. Luxor is also home to wide variety of temples. Most popular temple in the city is Temple of Luxor. This temple is dedicated to Amon, the king of the Gods. It is built on the ruins of a centuries old temple. Since it is located in the downtown area, it has become a must visit attraction. There are several hotels located near the downtown. In other words, you won't face any difficulty in finding accommodation near the temple. Another worth visiting temple in the city is The Karnak Temple. In the past, Karnak Temple was connected to the Temple of Luxor through a canal. Ideal Luxor holiday packages always have the Karnak Temple in the list of attractions. It is actually a complex where you would find three temples: Monthu, Mut and Amun. All of these temples are surrounded by huge walls. There is a sacred lake that flows by the temple that adds a refreshing streak to spiritual atmosphere. While strolling around the complex, you would come across magnificent architectural structures. Temple Complex of Medinet Habu is also quite popular among tourists. While visiting this temple, you would get an oriental feel because of its square towers at the entrance. Luxor holidays would be incomplete without visiting El-Mekashkesh Mosque. This is the oldest mosque in the city. While visiting the mosque, you can take a look at the remains of 10th century Islamic saint who was a monk before converting to Islam. Sharia al-Karnak is one of the best shopping areas in the entire Luxor.
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