Eight big business gift given time skills

by:Real Fine     2020-08-22
To do anything, the timing is important, grasp the good time, really can get twice the result with half the effort. Business gifts is the enterprise or group international business activities, strengthen the collaboration between between enterprises, groups and contact with the gift; But for business gifts, when offered to send what are equally important. Choose to give opportunity, can give a person leave deep impression, the value of the gift will be added value; If the wrong time, 'do not draw a tiger's class the dogs'. In fact, business gifts has become a kind of art and skill, then what is the best time of business gifts? A, at seasonal gifts the best timing, New Year's day, Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn festival is the most common practice, other important traditional festivals, such as yuanxiao, chongyang, national holiday May 1, 10, is a good time to give gifts, to take this holiday gift giving reasons. Second, when the festival when congratulations congratulations to someone's wedding or a promotion, move, people do business with the WBH events such as marriage, have children, should be a gift to congratulate. Three, express gratitude to timely smart companies often after customer purchase on a regular basis, or at the end of the other activities, gifts to clients. At the same time, when you meet with difficulties in the work and business, got a lot of help from each other or friends, when you do present a gift to say thank you sincerely. Four, important anniversary gifts to choose the founding of the new company, company establishment day, big customer's birthday, birthday birthday ShouDan or old man, a gold silver wedding anniversary to send gifts may obtain good effect. Five, a gift to send ahead in case of holiday or festival days, you should give gifts in advance, and the latest should be sent at the time. Gifts don't late, if not catch up with the time, better not to give, not to send, just forget, later sent to, also not accept nor, gifts, gifts to more expensive will lose its significance, also it is difficult to eliminate the somebody else to forget, despise you mean. Six, in each other's thought most gift-giving encountered unexpected or kindness in our daily life, often brings pleasant surprise; This kind of situation, often only touched the word in my heart. So, in order to let the other side in my mind deeply impressed on their own, some action is very unexpected results. Seven, fatal after timely send some business visit until leave, remembered that the send gifts, take out the gift in the door, the master is not willing to accept because of the modest and polite. In order to avoid the happening of this kind of situation, when a customer came into the door, to say a few words on gifts, so will not appear because someone polite and don't accept a gift of an embarrassing situation. If missing the opportunity of giving gifts at the doorway, might as well in sits after deciding, host send tea. At this time, not only won't want to interrupt the original conversation, but also can increase another topic. Eight, meeting celebration or gift sent after the meeting the general after the meeting gifts, this can largely avoid participants walked out.
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