Endowed with artistic resin handicraft

by:Real Fine     2020-09-20
In the era of modern business diversification, resin handicraft manufacturing industry faces is not only a competition of pressure, and the imitation ability of modern high-tech, for now the resin handicraft manufacturing, assembly-line manufacturing while you can batch production quickly, but for resin handicraft it lost the most essential thing. Carving types of handicraft is not just act the role ofing is tasted furnishing articles, it is more of a tendency and artistic form, the value of resin handicraft is its delicate and beautiful, resin handicraft is itself contains the same artistic flavor, from the subject of resin handicraft design, attractive natural phenomena and human life, human factors, historical and cultural heritage, or any other factors that may constitute a resin handicraft design theme. Social progress, life improve, the development of science and technology, more communication can be expanded resin handicraft design resources. Resources are the basic structure of the resin handicraft design is very large, it involves social, history, culture, science and technology, aesthetics, art, psychology, economy, and many other aspects. Traditional culture, folk customs, all kinds of festivals, famous mountains and great rivers, local specialties and so on is extremely rich design resources. On resin handicraft manufacturing, assembly line style of manufactured products is always feel lost soul doll, though it itself is not the soul, but stylist combines human geography, the design of the folk life, and artificial carving grinding gave different soul, let it have historical massiness and different humanistic feelings. In ignore nature blindly pursue product quantity of modern manufacture process, the quanzhou insisted from the design, sculpture, molding to 14 process such as polishing, coloring, always adhere to the pure manual, refused to assembly line type perfect full of brilliance, always with his unique style to create the assignment contains the breath of life and the resin handicraft that resin handicraft is also art ornament.
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