Europe is one of the finest destination spots of the world

by:Real Fine     2020-06-23
London is another grand place of destination in Europe. The must see attractions of London include the Buckingham Palace, London Tower, Victoria and Albert Museum, Tate Modern, Olympic Stadium, National Gallery. Cabinet War Rooms of London are another great spot with the military history associated with it. Visitors must indulge in delicious British food in the great restaurants of London. Rome, the capital city of Italy is a great spot to visit which is also known as the Eternal City. There is a street fountain in Rome, Trevi Fountain and a historical aqueduct is used to feed it and the people can drink water from there. The main spots of attraction of Rome include statues in the Capitoline Museum, Pantheon, Roman Empire Tours and many more. Barcelona in Spain is another finest destination of Europe where the Gothic Quarter, the most preserved treasure of Europe is located. The places of attraction in Barcelona include Gaudi's masterpiece of artwork, La Sagrada Familia, Camp Nou, St Mary of the Sea Cathedral and Guell Palace. The Catalan culture, stylish and trendy hotels, lively nightlife and distinctive architecture can be experienced in Las Ramblas. Venice in Italy is the dream city and is considered as one of the romantic spots of the world. It has everything from mysterious passageways to exceptional architecture and the canals of course. Venice is one of the most attractive and beautiful cities in the world with Saint Mark's Basilica, the Palazzo Ducale and Gaarand Canal is being the best attractions of the city. Florence in Italy has been yet another attractive city of the world. The most beautiful and captivating places of Florence are Doors of Paradise, David of Michelangelo and the Duomo. A sunset can be enjoyed in Florence at Arno and the Chianti region offers with some popular wines which is located in the south of the city. Prague in Czech Republic is another best holiday destination of Europe with exceptional cultural and historic sites. The city consists of the great Prague Castle, Jewish Quarter with cemetery and synagogues, the Charles Bridge and Old Town Square. The list of destinations of Europe seems unending. Most of the finest destinations of Europe are uncountable and some of which are precisely discussed above. Author: This article belongs to Jesh Wilson Travel Agency. Jesh Wilson an world wide travel guide to thousands of destinations, plus travel bargains, family destinations, romantic getaways, & best beaches.
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