Everyone can expand their own horizons when they travel

by:Real Fine     2020-07-06
Not many people are aware of the fact that seashells were the first collectibles from traveling. From all the exotic beaches of the world, sea captains collected these beautiful, natural treasures. When he returned home, he would place them in display cabinets, sometimes in rooms meant specifically for displaying the captains treasures where they would be shown off proudly when a visitor stopped by. People have often applied the value of the souvenir to the person who collected the souvenir. That's one of the best reasons to purchase souvenirs that are actually native to a specific area. There are many items which are constructed to look like items from that region, but were actually made someplace else. These generally have no value, and there are probably better options around. As an example, let's take the common snow globe. You can find them anywhere you can think of, in airports, cheap gift shops, etc. While snow globes have their own rich history, they should not act as a substitute for a serious, native souvenir. Snow globes from a city in Florida could exhibit a scene of orange trees, but wouldn't you rather have an authentic orange crate label from the past or a rare cigar box as a souvenir from this region? Even colorful ephemera can be good souvenirs as they reveal the history of the state and the culture and way of life of the people. Try to buy the highest quality items on your trip that your finances allow. Your souvenirs should reference your travel destination's history and culture. One of my favorite mottos when souvenir shopping is that you should always be prepared to negotiate. Suppose you went to St. Petersburg in Russia. A matroyshka, which is a Russian nesting doll, would be an excellent choice for a souvenir. So when you are faced with a overwhelming number of nesting dolls, how do you determine which is the best to buy? These nesting dolls are often mass produced, you'll want to check the underside of the doll for a genuine signature, check to see that it is hand painted, etc. The most valuable nesting dolls both as a collectible and a souvenir will have several important features such as repeating scenes on the bellies of the dolls like all historic sites, snow scrapes, all the dolls are rosy cheeked blonds, as well as things like similar color palette, and a detailed gold leaf or gilt. These are the sort of things that add value to your memento. The next time you find yourself walking along a sandy beach, touring a historic site or standing in front of a souvenir cart, consider the type of souvenir you'd like to bring home as a remembrance. Reflect on what you've learned and what you've felt while traveling to this place. If you follow my suggestions, you might just find a valuable antique and souvenir. We find connections with foreign cultures when we shop for souvenirs, and these allow us to take different parts of the world home with us. When you pack, don't bring any clothes that you don't absolutely need. No one wants to carry excessively weighty suitcases. Make sure you have at least one piece of clothing in case the weather becomes unseasonably hot or cold. So, if you're vacationing on a beach, you will still want some warm clothing in case the nights are cold, or you're in a building that is air conditioned. It's also a good idea to take clothing that you can always wash and wear. Remember those comfortable walking shoes. Also, consider what your clothes will say about you. Pickpockets try to pick the tourist out of the crowd and your clothes can easily give you away. You should also keep in mind that if you lose your baggage, it could be around three days before you get it back. You want to let other people in on your plans. You can leave an itinerary with your travel schedules, such as the addresses and phone numbers of the hotel(s), with a close friend or relative.
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