Famous maintenance skills

by:Real Fine     2020-08-29
Bamboo is also called bamboo carving, carved on bamboo wares a variety of decorative patterns or text, or use the bamboo root carving into various furniture furnishing articles. So what are the famous maintenance skills? One, put the glass in the collection seal famous maintain collections can be put inside the glass seal, if there is no constant temperature measures, in order to avoid the glass produced by high temperature result in the crack of the carvings, at ordinary times can throw a paper tuo within the carvings, it has to adjust the action of dry humidity. Also can put 9 wooden hair brush, hair up, it can send out carvings in the heat. Wooden handle has the effect of moisture absorption heat dissipation, sounds very day must be removed. On the other hand, due to long-term sealed, once contact with air or the wind, is easy cause craze. Adopting this method, can ensure constant temperature, and play a few times on a regular basis. 2, making the special wooden lattice cabinets custodial bamboo handicrafts best produce the special wooden lattice ark, special storage tank temperature at 20 ℃ to 35 ℃, relative humidity at 35% to 40%, the lower put porcelain or other items, bamboo pieces of 1 meter from the ground. Such as high temperature too dry, can be in indoor put bowls of water, or put some books in the enclosure. Such as collectors lives upstairs, when the summer is too dry, can put half a glass of water on the grid, but carvings and glass should keep a certain distance, often should check, not out in a timely manner when necessary. Also can adopt the method of put old newspapers, but the newspaper of damping force is stronger, is unfavorable. And often play with and check, especially the season of annual rainfall concentrated to often see, found that long hair, with a bristle brush to remove in time. Three famous, special applying maintenance to fry walnut shell life applying for special purpose, do not use Fried walnuts frying oil. Shell walnut fry out less oil deposits, and certain moisture content, not dry, so it does not hurt. Cooked walnut meat Fried oil dry gas is large, wipe on air-dried, bamboo is easy to crack. For most of the old famous master all previous dynasties are maintenance, so, only when the oil with your index finger gently touch point, to tip of the finger skin surface oil for degrees, will be the oil on in the other hand, with his hands rub evenly, carving a play with both hands, can be able to do the maintenance. Oil is much, much more easy to return. And new work if it is found that is too dry, can on more oil. In a word, when found that the performance of the works have dirt, should be chopped with a soft cloth gently wipe off the surface. If found work craze, to work on some walnut oil, or play some wax. Plum rains season not oiling, but often use a brush to blackberry, in dry season, and a half months last walnut oil is the best.
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