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by:Real Fine     2020-06-17
Try to build your brand name stronger in your current customers' mind: Always sell at the most reasonable price, keep your products in the best quality, and serve the customers visiting your store with devotion. Guide the tourists when they need your help and carefully answer all their questions. Your enthusiasm will leave them with a very good impression and it will remain in their thoughts for a long time. With just that, you can get more customers because your customers will tell their family members, friends and colleagues good things about you. In each order's invoice, include lovely free souvenir items on which your store's information and/or logo are printed. This gesture will give the tourists a great impression because of your friendliness to them even though they are not your regular customers. Use the Internet as a powerful marketing tool Create a blog or a small website (they are very cheap and easy to make), join social networking sites to share tour information with people on the Internet as you have been doing tour business in your local area for years and you know everything about it perfectly well. News articles, beautiful pictures, interesting upcoming events, and even videos your made should be updated regularly. These are very useful for visitors who are going to spend their time in your place. Introduce the information and services on your website either directly to customers when they visit your store or indirectly through marketing channels on the Internet. Send latest information via emails if your customers subscribe to newsletters, help them select the right time to come and remind them of the events which are going to take place at the tourist attraction. Give distant advice on other kinds of service such as hotel rooms, recreation centers, and other sightseeing spots near your place... through simple online support channel like Yahoo! Messenger, Facebook, emails, etc. I have traveled to many places before buying souvenirs to bring home for my family members, friends but only after I had arrived at my house did I realize that I did not have enough presents to give to all of my friends. If I'd had the contact information or the website address of the souvenir store, I could have bought more products from that store. Always keep the information on your website up-to-date and support your customer enthusiastically through the web. It is certain that your brand will grow stronger and stronger in people's mind and they will definitely come to you every time they go to the tourist attraction.
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