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We support provide customized service according to our customers' requirements. Our OEM service actively responds to the new trend that is called flexible and effective service. We can offer large- scale resin crafts production and are dedicated to helping our customers to save cost. About 10 years for custom figurines&custom figurines.


The main types of amounts of our products include: religious items of nativity, figurines, Christmas gifts, tourist items of souvenirs, landscape, monuments, historical interests and scenic spots, household items of different home furnishings, ornaments, pendants, sculptures and other decorative items of daily use.


About Us

Own two factories of Quanzhou Real Fine Crafts Co., Ltd. and Fujian Real Fine Light Industry Co., Ltd. Based on the good and effective management system and its group, arts & crafts controller’s operational ability, local advantage position in Quanzhou, Fujian, China,New factory buildings of 20,000 square meters with good production equipment, spacious and clean workshops. All our jobs focus on R&D, products relying on the market-oriented and satisfying the need of the market. 

Our designs for our buyers or importers come from the market. Our quality management and production system and good technological process can completely guarantee quality stability and on-time delivery for our customers. All these are the bridge and the link to our R&D, to our products, to the market and to our mutual business. Products closer to the market and greatly pushed us to go forward to the man-made arts and crafts market frontier, sold to many countries and regions, mainly to Europe, USA and Australia.You can find these decorations are ornamental, creative as well as practical. 

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