Five elements in the composition of soft outfit

by:Real Fine     2020-09-01
The emergence of soft outfit represents the development of The Times, people living standard rise, more the pursuit of improving life taste of soft decoration. From a household soft outfit, to a certain extent, it can be seen that the master's personality and taste. Constitute elements of modern soft outfit mainly includes the following five aspects: a, furniture including support class furniture, storage furniture, decorative furniture. Such as sofa, tea table, bed, table, chair, bookcase, wardrobe, TV cabinet, etc. Second, the accessories is commonly place and hang, including handicraft furnishing articles furnishing articles furnishing articles, pottery and porcelain, copper, iron, furnishing articles, hang a picture, illustrations, photographs, wall, picture frames, lacquer painting, painting, decoration painting, oil painting, etc. Sometimes, a small place on the table right can soften hard household environment, improve the administrative levels of household moment. Third, lamp act the role ofing including droplight, floor lamp, table lamp, wall lamp, shoot the light. With decorate a style to match the lights lighting role, not only but also take into account the apply colours to a drawing atmosphere and improve the indoor environment. Four, including curtains, bedding, cloth fabric, carpet, table cloth, table flags, cushion for leaning on, etc. Good cloth art design can not only improve the level of indoor, make indoor more warmth, more can reflect a person's life taste. Five, floral and greening landscape including decorative flower art, flowers, dried flowers, flower pot, flower arranging art, green plants, bonsai garden, water features, etc. Both can purify air, can rise to decorate action again.
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