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Easter, as Christian tradition is the time when every village and every street becomes the scene of processions involving in most cases whole villages and districts in a unique representation. Surely the best known of these events is that the Mysteries of Trapani, but are also of considerable Marsala, also in the province of Trapani and San Cataldo in the province of Caltanissetta. The celebration which takes place in San Cataldo begins on Holy Wednesday with the representation of Jesus' trial and continues on Thursday with a performance of Our who goes to the tomb of Jesus occasion can be easily used at home in bed and breakfast or messina palermo flights. Then it continues on Friday with the laying of the body in the tomb of the lord and ends on Easter Sunday with the presence of the eleven giants, Sanpauluna, each representing one of the apostles and accompanying the child to visit the lady rose again. Good Friday is suggestive in Caltanissetta where the protagonists are the find, which are groups of statues depicting scenes from the Passion of Christ which were built in the late nineteenth century by a family of artisans and which still represent an immeasurable cultural and historical heritage available the world and the entire community. Unique is also the show that is held in Pietraperzia in the province of Enna and is entitled 'Lu Signuri bundles of them' where the people in procession becomes the star of a unique event of its kind. Among the narrow streets of the town parade procession of ordinary people supporting a long pole covered with white cloth. In addition to the patron saint of Palermo, Santa Rosalia, which is celebrated between 14 and 15 July and each year attracts thousands of tourists and faithful in Palermo rent a house then there are many other events. Impressive is also the celebration of the patron saint of Catania, Saint Agata, which takes place between early February and sees its peak during the celebrations for the feast of Candlemas. Patron Saint Lucia of Syracuse, but is celebrated on December 13, when the height of his martyrdom is celebrated with a parade through the streets of towns imposing silver statue of three meters high. In the early days of July is celebrated instead of San Calogero, the patron saint of Agrigento, in an event that involves the entire province in rituals dating back to ancient pagan celebrations. Do not miss the celebration instead of tamurrinata San Calo celebrating the rite of bread through a fasting of the faithful and the launch of the loaves from the windows during the procession itself. Also worth seeing are the celebrations dedicated to Saint Joseph Capizzi (Messina) and St. James in July.
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