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by:Real Fine     2020-06-21
Siena is a hill town in Tuscany that was first settled by Etruscans with the earliest documentation mentioning it in AD 70. according to some legends it is proposed that this city was founded by Senius, the son of Remus. He was brother of Romulus after whom Rome is named. Throughout the Siena, many sculptor and statues of a she-wolf nursing romulus and remus can be found. Due to lack of basic infrastructure this doesn't prosper under roman rule. However, after invasion of Lombards who took control of it, it became an important route to Rome. During the 12th century it continued to prosper as city state that became an important center for money lending and hub to wool trade. In the 13th century, Siena was seen as more powerful than nearby Florence. Siena's incredible Duomo was completed in 13th century. But Sienese wanted to make it the largest cathedral in the world. Later on city suffered from black death that decimated the city. By the time, renaissance passed by it and Florence again grew in power and strength. The city's art and architecture belongs to pre renaissance period including medieval styles and traditions. But within the city walls there is a rich history or art, culture and tradition. Some prominent tourist destinations of this place include: The Duomo di Siena This is one of the most beautiful churches But the entry to this church is possible only via a 10 euro pass. Palazzo Publico This is a beautiful example of Italian Medieval architecture with its adjacent tower being one of the highest structures in Italy. It has got the fresco artwork, including the famous works by Ambrogio Lorenzetti known as the 'Allegory and Effects of Good and Bad Government. Pinacoteca nazionale This is again a beautiful example of Italian medieval architecture with extensive collection of Sienese art from 13th and 14th century. Some important artwork includes art by Duccio di Buoninsegna, Simone Martini, the Lorenzetti brothers, Sodoma, Beccafumi and many more important artists. Santa Maria Della Scala This is a fascinating site to visit not just because of its historic importance but also for its art and archeological findings. The Basicilca of San Domenico This is one of the most noteworthy churches of Siena. It is noteworthy for its important relics and art work that is particularly related to saint Catherine whose head and thumb lives there. Piazza del Campo This is the Europe's greatest Medieval squares and your journey to Siena incomplete without it. It is famous for its Palio horse race that is held twice a year. Siena is a great place to vacation. And there are several villas in Siena that you can rent. Apart form that, there are hotels in Siena and ample other accommodation options. Book your accommodation at:
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