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by:Real Fine     2020-08-29
Peace buckle also called meditate, ocean's eye, can eliminate pathogenic escape, and peace, is a traditional jade ornaments in China. Look from exterior it flexible smooth, conforms to the 'middle way' in the Chinese traditional culture, ancient called 'wall', ( The ancient/s wall), and Have the action of raise body protector. In modern times, often for lovers to give each other, take the meaning of peace. Peace buckle in ancient times are real possession, such as spread to folk is after a long time, but also because spread to folk, the development of a lot of variety, has been widely spread. Material composition of peace buckle material, there are many, such as natural jade, white marble, Afghanistan jade, different material price also is different. Art and the combination of Chinese traditional culture of China's traditional culture extended, and peace buckle furnishing articles is a Chinese entity material system culture. Peace clasp like the shape of the shape of the ancient copper wire, it is said that some ancient copper can ward off evil spirits, but wearing copper is not very beautiful, so in the jade, the peace clasp, already beautiful and moral and better. Peace the word meaning is clear, expressed the hope that people are good. Peace clasp outer ring is round, a symbol of the vast; Inner ring is round, symbol people inner flat ning an away. With the improvement of science and technology and the improvement of people's life demand, the desire of the people to pursue happy life embodies peace buckle, often see people draw all kinds of patterns on peace buckle furnishing articles, and thus the peace buckle combined with traditional Chinese culture, in communication with each other, the spread of Chinese traditional culture. Art is drawn, culture is a will, expression, thought, and peace buckle is just in a collection of art and culture, and has both art and culture.
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