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by:Real Fine     2020-08-14
Tea is a kind of one, easy to moisture absorption and produce qualitative change of be affected with damp be affected with damp, it to absorb moisture, odor is very strong, and aroma volatile extremely easily again. To distinguish from the quality of a material, usually have a tin of tea pot, iron, ceramics, glass, paper, etc. , of which selects the double cover color iron POTS and long neck cylinder is preferred, with tea storage of ceramics, the mouth alvine concurrently is advisable. When tea custody at the time, not in the moisture, temperature and humidity, light, oxygen and other factors, will cause bad biochemical reaction and microbial activity, which leads to the change of the tea quality, so the store, what kind of container, with what method, has the certain requirements. Produced by using resin process of caddy appearance surface was not only beautiful, and weight. To letters, enjoy the tea culture is a kind of appreciation of beauty. Good tea needs good tea cans to store, especially the tender green tea, higher request of preservation, if with a poor caddy, nutrition and taste will be lost, also easy metamorphism, for good tea, have to say is a waste, it is also a love tea can't stand. Arts and crafts has made this one old ideas for this tea pot, have to be friends can contact us.
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