Goa has long been the most popular of tourist

by:Real Fine     2020-06-28
Dona Paula beach: Located 7kms away from Panaji the beach was named after Dona Paula De Menzes. Goa tourism offers the tourists to have a sunbath and buy cheapest goods from the seaside. The most attractive feature as part of Goa sightseeing and adventure activities are the water sport facilities. Water sports include water-scooter, windsurfing, parasailing and water-skiing. Anjuna beach: Anjuna houses the most famous nightclub of Goa, Paradiso. Another of its major claim to fame is the Wednesday Flea Market. Temples in Goa: Famous temples include Shree Manguesh Prasanna temple, Sri Nagesh temple and Sri Shakthidurga temple and Damodar temple. Dudh Sagar waterfall: Dudhsagar is a Konkani name which when translated means the sea of milk. It is set amid a breathtaking scenery. From a distance one feels the water is gushing out like milk from the mountainside. One can reach the falls via the train from Vascodagama. One can get excellent views of the falls from the train. This is the serene part of City. Dr.Salim Ali Bird sanctuary: The sanctuary is located in an island. It is often referred to as bird watcher's paradise. It represents the natural splendour of City. A variety of migratory birds such as the cormorants can be found here. If lucky you might spot other wildlife here like the flying fox and Indian rock python. Churches in Goa: While in Goa, you can visit some of the old churches. The history of Goa has evolved around these churches. The most visited churches are the Basilica of Bom Jesus, Mary Immaculate Conception, St.Cathedral, St.Ane's church and St.Francis church. The churches showcase the religious pride of Goa. Bondla wildlife sanctuary: Wildlife sanctuaries share a predominant role in Goa sightseeing. Situated in North East Goa, this place is well connected to roads. The lush green atmosphere of the sanctuary makes it an ideal natural ecosystem. The botanical garden, Rose garden and deer park are a unique feature of the wildlife sanctuary. You can very often spot elephants, sambar, Indian bison lingering about. Devil's canyon: Also known as Devcharachokond in Konkani, it is the most picturesque river gorge. Capture the best snapshots in your camera. If your luck favours you, you might end up seeing sightings of black panthers. Goa tourism offers shopping facilities as a part of Goa sightseeing. If you are searching for fabrics, ornamental crafts and spices, then you should not miss the Anjuna markets, also known as the flea market. It is also home to Goan trance music. Calangute markets are also very famous for their shops. Others are located in Baga beach. So, while in Goa never give a miss on these magnificent places.
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