Goa is a world famous holiday destination for families

by:Real Fine     2020-06-20
North Goa is especially famous for some beautiful churches, which you must visit while on a tour to this place. Basilica of Bom Jesus: This church was established in early years of 16th century in Old Goa and is one of the most renowned churches in Goa which is declared as a heritage site by United Nations. It carries great spiritual importance as corporeal remains of a patron saint are rested in this location. Tourists in large numbers visit this place every year to witness Saint's mortal remains. The brilliantly designed interiors as well as exteriors of this place are a sight to watch. Mary Immaculate Conception Church: This is another landmark location to visit in Panaji, Goa where you can witness one of world's biggest bells. This church exhibits stunning interiors and structures which look radiant during evening time. A beautiful altar can be found in its elegantly designed interiors. Some marvellous statues as well as chapels can also be found. This place is an ideal picnic spot where you can not only explore ancient culture and architectural forms, but also spend a quality time with your family and friends in its serene environment. Reis Magos: This is also one of most popular churches in Goa, which was constructed in middle 16th century. This place carries great historical importance for being the abode of a number of dignified personalities. It was also a missionary center in ancient times. An ancient fort is also located in its vicinity which you may visit. Church of Our Lady of Rosary: This is also one of renowned churches in Goa, which is a perfect example of Manueline architecture. This place offers a brilliant sightseeing location and there is also an ancient inscription in its brilliantly designed structure. Church of St. Francis of Assisi: This church is known for its impeccable architecture while the interiors are adorned with carved woodwork and ornamented screens. The church was first constructed in 1517 and was rebuilt later twice. North Goa churches are excellent structures displaying great architectural style, and carry great historical as well as visual significance. Goa tourism industry owes a lot to various churches which generate a lot of revenue every year. Various churches located in this area exhibit a shining example of ancient cultural heritage of Goa. These beautiful monumental structures indeed leave an everlasting impression on visitors' minds.
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