Gods handicraft furnishing articles

by:Real Fine     2020-08-30
Gods is also called the three gods, moon palace han Chinese myths and legends have a three-legged toad, and posterity is called the moon palace hall. The ancients thought gods is auspicious objects, can get rich. Gods are lucky benevolent, it is the most important implication of bonanza. According to the moral, the modelling of various gods around associated with gold, silver piece. There are ancient han Chinese myths and legends, bang chuan statues, used to benefit the people. So there is also a called 'bang play gods' the modelling of gods, implied meaning is also a thriving business. In addition, there is a kind of gods mouth can contain live coin, implied meaning is' out of money, modelling is very lively and lovely. The moral of gods with a thriving business, town house, exorcism, prosperous wealth. The statue of the image of the plump and full of money, jewelry, feet on the wing, is rich in type. Goes the: & quot; Home has statues, fortune continuous & quot; 。 Gods can be lucky, and not just go back to ancient times, there is also a kind of way, use & quot; Toad hall won & quot; Metaphor earning jinshi, legend in the moon palace lived three toad of leg, toad hall namely & quot; Moon palace & quot; , so bring a layer & quot; Bright future & quot; Mean. The moral of gods is not only money, and a layer of meaning is a career, gods as the gift to your boss is the most suitable. The han folk have rich town house to ward off bad luck of absorption, said to send two fitting for friends for private use, especially suitable for open to do business with. In addition, gods also implies a bright future. Such rich implication and vivid modelling, gods natural popular with the masses, become friends everywhere in our life.
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