Gourd crafts six production methods

by:Real Fine     2020-08-24
Gourd crafts is a kind of fashionable household handicraft furnishing articles, one of the popular on the market today. Gourd crafts heritage of a classic, but also make many friends see the charm of the traditional process, the design feels first-rate gourd crafts with good visual effect, but also withstand long-term appreciation, because it is an engraved a time stamp treasures, today let's take a look at the gourd crafts six production methods. A resin, resin gourd gourd use resin material into a gourd shape, its producing method like resin handicraft production methods, you can look at the resin handicraft production process will see. Second, color the gourd color block is a set of concepts on the market the best products, the method of making it is relatively easy to grasp, color gourd production process need to use boiling water, add a little after bone glue, after waiting for bone glue fully dissolved in boiling water add pigment dyeing, specific pigments can change, on the basis of the factual aesthetic preference to then dye processing gourd into the pot, then remove to drain. Three, decals gourd decals gourd crafts is very professional and technical, because the decal is a traditional process in our country has a long history, it belongs to a kind of exquisite technical flow processing art, graphic design heavy and complicated, mountain water birds and flowers, such as traditional Chinese longevity has a wealth of interest and fun, commonly used paper transfer decals have furniture and porcelain with decal paper, using alcohol to clean the gourd, the positive paint on the part of the decal paper, flat, uncovered the decal can be 20 minutes. Four, chemical pyrograph such gourd crafts production method is simple easy to master, but compared with pyrography technology, visual effect will be slightly less. First take a concentrated sulfuric acid, then slowly pour into four clean water, it is important to note here, water is not able to pour into sulfuric acid, and then with brush touch after takes the dilution the solution writing or painting, after baking above on the kerosene lamp shade. Five, van gourd such gourd crafts production method is simple, is to make the hoist has artificial control in the process of growth, the die set in gourd surface, let gourd can according to the image of the mold to grow, through this process can obtain all kinds of different shapes of bottle gourd crafts, produced by the method of gourd crafts market selling price is quite high. Six, carved gourd gourd carving also belongs to a kind of popular arts and crafts design, wash the gourd and then the surface of the gourd carving, paint a flower insects birds and animals and other Chinese elements, let the gourd carving can show the charm of the traditional technology, this kind of craft method now is less, but very precious.
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