Guan gong, kuan Yin, jade cabbage these furnishing articles, how to put to the town

by:Real Fine     2020-08-10
China has a old saying: god is easier than, sedative, please. God of wealth represents wealth and good fortune, not only for peace prosperity, home furnishing articles but also as a very important in the Chinese home furnishing products, bulk furnishing articles for home, not only show elegance, wealth, also is a great, good luck. In the Chinese traditional custom, jade used in town house, home furnishing articles often kuan Yin, guan gong, the mythical wild animal, statues, bok choy, etc. The town house placement also have exquisite and taboo of the gods. A, guanyin bodhisattva, furnishing articles furnishing articles, its appearance full fruity, dignified and beautiful, character compassion and kindness, inner peace, has great wisdom, wisdom, deliverance, purdue beings. Put appropriate sit west to east, so we can mount putuo echoed with the east China sea. Unfavorable to the table, unless you eat vegetarian food for a long time, in the home should not be straight to the door, lest the door, not back or to the toilet. Should be placed high and clean place, preferably in the temple. Can't put in the bedroom, corridor, kitchen, balcony and so on of irreverence is not clear. Note: if the conditions are not allowed to, must be put in the bedroom, please cover with yellow or red net cloth. Second, the duke guan furnishing articles now, the duke guan became in charge of the world, the god of wealth, the duke guan like was at home as the god of wealth, shakily to seize the day, for good luck, money and treasures will be plentiful, fat house broadly. The duke guan furnishing articles and other figure of Buddha, put the position take west toward the east, or sits. Generally placed in the lobby ( The lobby) On the door. Don't in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, etc. Highly appropriate, around a meter a best. Tribute to seven days in a, sweet words for every day in the morning and a column. Three, the mythical wild animal, the mythical wild animal is a fierce god beast, not suits to put in the bedroom. Generally placed in the lobby. If you want to put in the room, can put them on the windowsill, the mythical wild animal head face toward the outside, not for himself, nor to the bed. The mythical wild animal can put money in the office, may be inclined to the door, but not to the toilet. Do not put in the high places than you, don't set too low; Not in front of the mirror, not on yourself. Clean if you want to move the mythical wild animal, need red satin cloth head handling. Put the mouth containing money gods, gods, head must itself, should not be the king's gate, otherwise can't prosperous wealth, good luck. Mouth contains no money gods, the head must be toward the door, can't itself, can absorb type, money rolling. Try to put out and the position of the child is not easy to touch the, lest affect reiki, avoid by all means is not put under the crossbar. Gods can't to the figure of Buddha, more can't to the toilet or placed next to the toilet. The first implication, jade cabbage, Chinese cabbage five from cabbage, meaning 'best wealth, accumulate, fortune, wealth, the wealth to the meaning of; The second implication, jade cabbage from the color of Chinese cabbage and appearance, moral innocence. Jade cabbage generally put in the home, nothing special exquisite and azimuth taboo. Mainly, jade cabbage if displayed on a square table in the short, children easy to reach, there will be dangerous, so it's best to up high.
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