Heritage crafts made of resin handicraft

by:Real Fine     2020-10-06
Handicrafts development has been closely related to people's life, whether it's used for home decoration or personal items can see the figure of a handicraft, in the long development course of arts and crafts in many industries have different display, this is also why there are no limits to the arts and crafts materials, can be any material can be it the next product material, resin handicraft is only one of its representative works. Traditional arts and crafts arts and crafts industry should be one of the most ancient craft products, traditional arts and crafts which includes sculpture, paper cutting, embroidery, and a series of crafts, whether those artifacts from the materials or products produced by generations of exploration, test constantly improved, it has a long development course that handicraft saturated with people's living needs of various industries, the birth of the resin handicraft is also based on this. Resin handicraft compared with traditional handicrafts, its production process time is much shorter, resin handicraft production, after all, are generally make a model of the product, the product out reverse mould polishing modified later, and on many traditional handicraft production is relatively slow, traditional handicraft products are pure handmade, after all. Although it slower than resin handicraft production, but its value is higher than resin handicraft on many. Traditional handicraft is now China's intangible cultural heritage, traditional handicraft products on the market now does not see more, but its technology will always live on and quanzhou as the factory has always been based on traditional handicraft, resin handicraft production process to make the resin handicraft.
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