How to choose activated carbon carving crafts

by:Real Fine     2020-09-09
A, the carbon carving brand is choose to have the independent core technology, such as: manufacturers of domestic patents and international patents. Normal manufacturer has portal, can search on the Internet that the patent number can online query verification, check whether the inventor and the information such as company's legal representative in accordance with, and so on, to help identify the product quality. Second, the carbon carving crafts itself you can weigh the product quantity, if the product is too light, too heavy, no the trace of carbon powder, surface reflective surface, shiny, is inferior. Three, the carbon carving handicraft pattern of general sculpture handicraft its surface is patterned, if the pattern color is pure, gentle, reflective, pigment excitant odour is high quality environmental protection paint, silicon permeability is good, no secondary pollution; Otherwise for inferior paint, easy to jam carbon pore, cause secondary pollution, the product does not conform to the environmental protection concept.
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