How to create perfect resin handicraft

by:Real Fine     2020-09-21
In the contemporary modern city life, nervous rhythm, interpersonal feelings of apathy, has increasingly become a crisis, while art broke the monotony, tension of living environment. Artistic environment also reflected the people's spiritual pursuit. Resin handicraft with its unique craft effect is woven into the life of the people, a good resin handicraft, put in living in adornment can not only make your family profile, more will highlight the home owner distinctive temperament in life taste. However, now most people are still not very know, resin handicraft, then the following brief to you about some key process, die of resin handicraft choice: this is the key to make mould. Modulus of the material of plastic, ceramic, wooden, metal, resin, sludge, such as can be, but the surface must be smooth. Can only make smooth surface model of grain clear smooth surface of the mold, with this kind of mould can make better resin handicraft. Mold processing methods: if the surface of the kind of rough or flawed, and must die first kind of good repair to do mold. If die kind of flawed mould sludge can be used or mixed resin will lack of repair parts, after waiting for air, with around 1000 mesh fine sand paper burnish, clean, and then spray varnish, to dry and then take the mold. If the surface of the complete but coarse, can use a sandpaper and trimming gun spray varnish after carefully grind, dry and then take the mold. Three, the deployment of material: according to the requirement of the products do the resin and powdered materials in proportion to allocate well, this also is a key link in the process of resin handicraft production technology, a lot of people don't seriously, so don't do a good resin handicraft. First mix resin and powdered material in the container together is good, but don't add promoting agent and curing agent. According to the production quantity and schedule is best tuned slurry let stand for about 20 minutes in a container, such resin and powdered material to mix, and eliminate the bubbles and then add the promoter and irrigation mode after curing agent, such a product is clean and smooth. Four, curing agent and accelerator, the same resin and ingredients of the resin handicraft has good there, mainly depends on the quality of the curing agent and promoter. There are a lot of curing agent and promoter big moisture content, make product surface coarse, instead of water or less water promoting agent and curing agent to make the resin handicraft is smooth and neat. Because the resin is oily chemical material can't add water, so be sure to choose water-free promoting agent and curing agent.
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