How to design a more popular resin handicraft

by:Real Fine     2020-09-21
And some problems that should be paid attention to new product development direction, resin handicraft development of new products, first of all should have new thinking, use new thinking to explore the development of new products. The following questions should be paid attention to new product development. Practical exploration of modern social realistic, resin handicraft only and the public at home and abroad and the people have a larger market, today the trend of the international market demand for products is to emphasize practical, practicability and artistry products can attract more customers, so designers must accordingly on the shape and the function design thinking to adapt to the development trend. 1. Renovation design of old regardless of nationality, as long as people talk about his hometown of rich and colorful folk customs and folk craft, will feel more cordial. In each place many distinctive folk who relishes topics are people at one's leisure. These clever, wisdom, handicrafts, however, due to the development of The Times, science and technology progress, may be left behind on the appearance, packaging, production, gradually fade out the market. We should fully dig folk craft rich cultural background, and according to the demand of the market both at home and abroad, obtain useful design elements, carry on the redesign, create favorable resin handicraft with rich folk style. 2. Around the theme of design arts and crafts design that is the theme of the purpose, in a planned way for a particular target group or a theme to develop handicraft products. As there are many enterprises in view of the Olympic Games theme, adopting diversified ways to represent the Olympic spirit, develop a variety of products suitable for the arts and crafts of the Olympic market. Resin handicraft enterprises for the holiday of the year launched a series of products, fully embody the characteristics of various festivals, such as Chinese New Year festival and auspicious, Europe and the United States of the blessing of Christmas, valentine's day sweet romance fashion etc, and ingeniously festival image and characteristics of the various reflect on arts and crafts products. Theme design to clear target market, achieve the target. 3. Abstract variation design on the basis of natural form, the designer put the human emotion and understanding of objective things merge into modelling, extract the abstract form. This abstract form of resin handicraft is lovely, interesting, or familiar, and will to the needs of target customers, and interests as the starting point. This deformation can be pure amplification, narrow ratio or abstract deformation.
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