How to gain leverage craft gift industry

by:Real Fine     2020-09-02
Gift industry most industries have special points of the market, at present the gift industry is such an industry. How to gain in the offseason move gift industry spring? In the resin gifts industry for more than twenty years ago, let's talk about how to develop corporate gifts industry. In the world of marketing, it is impossible forever vested interests lie comfortably making money 'pure land', capital profit-driven, will enter the high profits and less competitive industry, make it into the comprehensive competitive era, and early 'saboteurs, tend to be most to have the opportunity. Vandals from industry or outside the industry and doesn't matter, the point is, they will use new thinking to think about the product and industry. Even the gift industry competition heats up, also is completely gift industry. Have also been gift industry tremendous success in disrepute. Borrow gift industry with innovative kick-started the innovation prize for big industries, for the lack of big industry, may not need to move the size of 'operation'. Mode of production, management, product, channel mode, marketing mode change, is move behind the tactics of the industry. But in fact, the peak season when its products in the design principle is quite simple, and most is plank material, not how good. Its success, is derived from the practice, has been completely different from the traditional furniture industry. Instead of traditional pay attention to production, they focus on the design focuses on their dealer sales rather than the traditional model, focuses on the scene instead of the traditional focus on the product itself, is to rely on these 'different', it kick-started the gift industry, the lack of big shop sign industry, become the industry leader. Borrow channels move in behind the developed industry in the process of transition, most will follow the product wins to marketing, brand winning or channels to winning a winner winner to process, in fact, it is also an inevitable path of enterprise growing. The lack of a clear leader in the industry, the competition is fierce, enterprises can run well, but also will lose great ambition. This is why some of the integration of industry from outside the reason of the industry. All through the Internet channel into the apparel industry, almost turning industry with very low markup percentage, its characteristic is not constrained by industry inherent rules, inherent channels is not constrained by industry, from the supply chain and business model thoroughly surgery type subversion of traditional industry. Borrow demand move in the off-season when most backward industry subversives would still be in accordance with the gradual process. For an entrepreneur, comprehensive denial is not an option, behind the industry does not represent all behind, don't represent all the rules of the industry needs to be rewritten. There's the determining factor should be consumer demand, such as the furniture industry, the past has been clinging to customer order custom procedures, and as a guild regulations, ikea has subversive thoroughly on the value curve, stress can be bought from you immediately. To come to install this, but in the gift industry is not very good service, but emphasizes the DIY consumer. On the value curve of sacrifice, is the strongest means we overthrow. Almost all the development of the industry, will towards a 2 ~ 3 industry absolutely big and some sporadic niche brand pattern and the criterion, and we analyze the market belongs to the 'behind' the industry standard. The ability of removing the gift industry's advertising. Industry is different, when the special gift industry development is almost always follow the same trajectory, also shows almost the same in the future, gift industry is no exception. Don't believe there is a special industry, get rid of monopoly industries in the world, other are not special.
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