How to maintain ceramic handicraft furnishing articles

by:Real Fine     2020-09-04
Tall, ceramic crafts, will sound if add a few pieces of ceramic arts and crafts in domestic outfit deco, emotional appeal and can reveal its uncommon taste, so why not? But porcelain is fragile, so for this kind of material is especially important to maintain daily arts and crafts. Below, we look at how the correct maintenance of ceramic arts and crafts. First: just bought ceramic furnishing articles, should be soaked in clean water for an hour. Reoccupy cleaner wash the oil pollution of appearance, etc. , and dry with a towel after the moisture on the ceramics with good box. Should use the foam filled in the box, and the bubble diameter is less than 0. 5 cm, ceramic furnishing articles in a box should be elastic and appropriate avoid extrusion. Second: ceramic furnishing articles are generally fragile, in the preservation should be paid attention to when shock, extrusion, collision prevention. Appreciation of China should pay attention to don't collisions, falls, as far as possible need not sweat hand touch. Third: unearthed on low temperature glaze and glaze color, on glaze into a lot of sundry, can appear even take off the glaze color phenomenon, should be to join a small amount of adhesive between embryo glaze, besmear again on the color soft glue to prevent colored glaze large loss. Fourth: bottles, cans and other ceramic home furnishing articles are generally from bottom up into two segments joining together, can not be a mobile handheld object upper neck. Accurate method is in one hand and furnishing articles neck, one hand hold the bottom of the porcelain. Fifth: wash oil fouling, etc. To put out of ceramic arts and crafts, attention should be paid to periodically on the surface of dust, oil cleaning, etc. These are some of ceramic arts and crafts and maintenance tips, I do not know how much you know, if you also have ceramic handicraft, so must be properly maintained at ordinary times, believe it will be more bright, look better!
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